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Main researchers

One of the key objective of this project is to build up the capacity and experience of young researchers in the field. Working under MAVI is a group of researchers in a wide range of  backgrounds both nationally and internationally, including highly experienced professors, post-doc researcher, PhD candidates, master's and bachalor level students. 


Learn more about Oleksandr

Oleksandr Ryndyk

Project Leader

Currently working on his PhD which focuses on migrant labour and family in Norway, Oleksandr holds a master's degree in International Economics from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine, and a European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations from the University of Oldenburg and University of Stavanger. His main research interests are international labor migration, welfare, immigrant integration and intercultural communication. 


Learn more about Norma

Norma Wong

Work package leader /

 Post-doc researcher

Norma is a post-doc researcher at the Center of Intercultural Communication, mainly working on the MAVI project. Initially trained as an economist from the UK, Norma earned her PhD in Politics and Public Administration from the University of Hong Kong, and a Master's degree in Public Policy from the University of Singapore. She has a broad research interest in the fields of civil society, nonprofit management and policy study. She is experienced in both quantitative and qualitative methods in political science.


Learn more about Zubia

Zubia Willmann Robleda

Work package leader

Zubia is currently finishing her doctoral thesis that explores the agency of women seeking asylum in Norway. She has an interdisciplinary background with a BA in International politics, and a European Masters in Migration and Intercultural Relations. She has previously worked and conducted research with refugees in Uganda, on issues of child marriage and other cultural practices in Sudan, as well as on policies relating to female circumcision among women from practising communities in Norway. 


Gunhild Odden

Researcher /
Project leader 2019-2020

Gunhild is the pro-rector of Research at VID Specialized University, and was previously director at Centre for Intercultural Communication (SIK) in Stavanger. She holds a PhD (2010) in Sociology and a Master's degree in International Migration and Interethnic Relations from the University of Poitiers (France). Gunhild’s research interest includes a variety of topics related to migration and diversity. More recently she has been working with themes related to Polish migration, migration and family life and migration and education in Norway.


Kari Storstein Haug

Work package leader 

Kari is professor at VID specialized University, Centre for Mission and Global Studies and Faculty of Theology, Diaconia and Leadership studies. She is the programme coordinator of VID’s PhD in Theology and Religious Studies and leader of the Migration, Religion and Intercultural Relations research group. She has extensive teaching, supervision and research experience from Thailand and Norway. Kari’s recent research interest include: the role and significance of religion in migration processes, the Christian faith and practice in various religious and cultural contexts, and  interreligious encounters and hermeneutics.


Learn more about Benedicte

Benedicte Nessa

PhD Candidate

Benedicte recently started her PhD that focus on the role of civil society in labor market integration. She holds a master degree in Global Studies from VID Stavanger where she did fieldwork among Nigerian migrants working in prostitution in Stavanger. For the past few years she has been working for a local NGO with issues regarding exclusion in various forms. Her main research interests are migration, civil society, integration and religion.


Learn more about Memory

Memory Jayne Tembo


Memory is an associate professor at VID Specialised University, department of religion and cultural studies. Her current research area concerns immigrants’ experiences with the child welfare services in Norway. Her recent research and publications have focused on social work with immigrant families and emotional experiences that immigrant parents report about in child welfare as well as their experiences of parenting in a new country. She has research experiences from Malawi and Norway.

Other involved researchers and students

Waseem Ahmed

EMMIR Student / Intern


Maruf Taheri

EMMIR Student / Intern


Josh Dickstein

EMMIR Student / Intern


Cerine Evjen

Undergraduate student


Line Norheim

Undergraduate student

Rahma-bilde 2020.jpg

Rahma Abdalla

Undergraduate student

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